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Long Hard Erect Nipples I used to get embarrassed when my nipples would get all long and hard and puffy. Now I tend to flaunt them. As much as I like being naked you have to get dressed from time to time. I wear the kind of top that makes my nipples look like they are in the nude. You can even see my aerola through the shirt. I enjoy all the looks that I get in the frozen food section of the supermarket. Some guys are so fascinated by my nips that they follow me around. Just to tease them I sometimes go back to the cold . My nipples pop out again hard and so do their eyes. I like it. I like having big tits and nips that sort of act like cheerleaders for my breasts When the room is real warm. My nipples tend to turn inward. Inverted nipples are just as much fun as when they poke out in the cold. All it takes is a tongue or a finger to get them going again. I am naked so much that I get to watch them in all conditions. Nude living is an experience! Sexy Inverted Nipples There is a drive in me that makes me seek it out and satisfy myself. Some people would say that makes me a slut. I guess the definition of sluts is, "Girls who enjoy sex and want it all the time. If I am a slut because I like sex and want it all the time. So be it.

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I like to be naked and I like posing for nude pictures. It is such an intimate act. The photographer hardly matters. It is the camera that I play too. It makes me glow inside and feel all sexy when I look at the lens and know in the next instant there will be a nude pic of me that will capture just this moment. Is it Porno Or Is It Art? Oh, it's nice to have large breasts and a nice flat belly to show off. It's just being naked that makes it feel so real. When I was first approached to do nudes I was appalled. Porno! Me never! "This is not porno." he said. "More like art." Artists have been painting nudes for thousands of years, I thought. They are lasting and much studied images, praised by people who would not peek at a porno picture if it bit them on the ass. "OK." I said. "I'll pose nude and try to look sexy." Since I can't draw a straight line I hope this is at least a tiny contribution to the wonderful world of art. I don't know about you but art makes me horny. 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This is from the shooting diary of one of the girls. I won't say which one. We all have to wait for them to set the lights and all that for the cams. She wants to be a writer and is in the habit of writing down her thoughts. So far as I know this is the first time that she has been published. It is, of course, copyrighted material by 1996.

I am seriously thinking about shaving my pussy. I have such nice big pussy lips, both inner and outer that it seems a shame not to show them off. Besides a nice smooth pussy is nicer to eat. At least that is what one of my lesbian friends tells me. She is really into eating pussy and has been begging me to let her eat mine. "It's fun. You'll like it." She says. I like her a lot and I don't mind holding her hand or even kissing but I don't feel like I am a lesbian. I might just be bisexual. The next time she comes over I just might be wearing a very short skirt and no panties just to see what might happen. I think that I'll lay down and spread my legs so she can lick me. She is right. I do like to have my pussy licked and sucked. Especially when it done real slow. Sometimes, just the very tip of the tongue running around my inner lips just sets me off. Then a slow full tongue massage of my clit takes me right out to the star ship multiple orgasm. Maybe when my lesbian friend comes over I'll have the short skirt on and no panties and a red tank top. The red tank top sets my tits off real good. She has already told me that it gets her mouth watering just watching my breasts bounce around in it. On second thought I don't think that I'll shave my pussy. I'll just let her do it if she wants to. I know that she shaves hers. She is not shy about flashing her little bald taco around. More than once I have gotten a peek at her heater by looking up her skirt. Personally I think everyone is too hung up on this hardcore sex business. I like my sex hardcore. I like it when I get fucked long and hard from the front, from the back. I like it when I get fucked and sucked hard. The harder it is the better it feels right down to my core. I like being naked and ready for a sexy time!Just the thought of it makes my clit start to hum.

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